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The animation showreel is your cover letter to enter the job market. If you are an animator and you want to make your demo reel, you must first know what an animation reel is, what is it for, and how to prepare it. In this article, I am going to explain how to create your animation showreel. A list of essential things to keep in mind to build your Showreel.

What is a showreel?

A Show Reel is an audiovisual curriculum, in video format, where you expose your skills through a compilation of your best work as an animator (or modeler, or illuminator, 3D demo reel, there is also a graphic design reel, etc.) It is also known as a reel, a showreel, or a demo reel.

An animation reel should, by definition, be a streamlined presentation and short in duration. In reality, it is about the viewer not getting bored and making your skills for the job you want to apply very clear. All chewed up and well presented in video form. But make no mistake, making an animation showreel is essential

How to make an animation showreel?

Observations about your Reel

Your showreel is your most valuable tool as an animator. In all this time I have been able to observe some details, and I have realized that in the animation sector things work a little differently compared to other jobs. Normally, when you are trying to enter a job, the first thing they will look at about you is the classic resume, to prove that you have the knowledge and the right tools to be able to cover the needs that the particular company is looking for.

In the world of animation, it is not quite like that. Let’s be honest, a company does not care where you have studied animation or that you have three careers in Fine Arts or Design if you do not know how to handle the most basic unit of animator … Knowing how to animate. Yes, it sounds blatantly obvious, but it seems like it isn’t.

8 essential things to make your Animation Showreel

  1. Prepare a compilation of your best works. Only the best.
  2. Select the 2 or 3 best shots and put them at the beginning.
  3. Save some icing for the last part. Be original.
  4. Make a quick and dynamic montage. And do not complicate yourself, in design, less is more.
  5. Do not exceed 2 minutes. If necessary, even one minute is enough.
  6. If it exists, leave the original audio. Be careful with the music.
  7. Put your name and contact information at the beginning and at the end.
  8. Update it regularly.

All that an animation studio wants is for you to show that you are qualified for the position you want to fill, and that you have the necessary skills to solve the challenges and problems that are going to be presented to them. And by the way, if you show in the job interview that you are friendly and know how to work as a team, all the better.

How long does a Reel last?

The duration of the showreel should last around 2 minutes, pulling very high. It doesn’t take more than 30 seconds for someone to be clear about your skills and your level. Think that recruiters spend many hours looking at jobs and in a few seconds they are able to see if the profile they are looking for matches the video they are watching.

Although the duration is relative to the rhythm and how interesting it can be, it should not be exceeded by too long a duration. I think that applying for an animation job offer is enough.

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